Vromans Leather

Types of Leather

A Wide Range

When tanning leather you can determine certain characteristics. The strength, firmness and appearance for example. Or how water resistant or stretchy the leather will be.

Different sorts of usage ask for different combinations of characteristics. Gloves used in industrial environments need to protect people’s hands for example, while for sports leather the focus lies more on breathability and grip. 

At Vromans we are specialised in tanning and delivering various types of leather and products. 

Industrial Leather

Leather that protects according to
high safety standards and levels.

Sports Equipment

It needs tor breathe and must assure
you from a firm grip.

Technical Leather

Strong leather that helps machines
and systems to perform well.

Orthopedic Leather

With its unique characteristics leather c
an also serve medical needs.

Bag & Shoe Leather

A bag or shoe made of quality leather is
a move in the right direction.


A leather apron never gets 'dirty'. It
grows in character with every splash.

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